Feb. 8th, 2010

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So, my House muses packed up on the first of February and have left me. It doesn't help that it's the Cameron, House, and Wilson muses who I kind of need considering that the fic is centered around those three. However, I have about 9K left, the rest of the fic planned out, and I know I can do it in a week. I'm just not sure how to make these muses come back to life - anybody have any ideas? :)

Also, there's the possibility I might need a beta, due to my scheduled one might be over happy due to just becoming an aunt to a very adorable little girl. Due to her being a very good friend of mine, I don't want to stress her out. :) I kind of need someone who knows Leverage and is up to date to the end of season 1 and some of season 2. More of the fic is under the cut and I really do mean the thing about the spoilers for nearly all of season 6.

More about the fic under here - Spoilers for nearly all of season 6 )

*big deep calming breath*

I hope everyone else who is writing is having fun. I apologize for the overuse of smilies and thanks for letting me vent.

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