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So, my House muses packed up on the first of February and have left me. It doesn't help that it's the Cameron, House, and Wilson muses who I kind of need considering that the fic is centered around those three. However, I have about 9K left, the rest of the fic planned out, and I know I can do it in a week. I'm just not sure how to make these muses come back to life - anybody have any ideas? :)

Also, there's the possibility I might need a beta, due to my scheduled one might be over happy due to just becoming an aunt to a very adorable little girl. Due to her being a very good friend of mine, I don't want to stress her out. :) I kind of need someone who knows Leverage and is up to date to the end of season 1 and some of season 2. More of the fic is under the cut and I really do mean the thing about the spoilers for nearly all of season 6.

Also, it's an AU crossover where I'm crossing over Leverage and House. Wilson and House are living together in their apartment/condo/thingie, but I'm moving things up a bit. Like the fact that Wilson did give House the ring and the proposal was actually a true proposal. Also, the thing with Chase killing the dictator has happened and there's a bit of Chase/Foreman due to their bonding over that insanity. Yes, Cameron has picked up on it and is not happy (tm).

That reason alone is why I should never, ever, watch a current season while trying to write a 20K fic. I get plot bunnies that I try to make fit.

However, on the other side, we have Leverage and Cameron. I have made it so that Cameron is this big thief/grifter type person who met Eliot in college, fell in love with him, but their lives went separate ways. Cameron was going to school to stop being a thief/grifter where it was just a stop in Eliot's life so he'd look better to people who wanted to hire him to beat people up. So there's that entire thing, along with Nate/Sophie and Parker/Hardison which is needed.

*big deep calming breath*

I hope everyone else who is writing is having fun. I apologize for the overuse of smilies and thanks for letting me vent.
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