Jan. 8th, 2009

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I feel like a "FLAIL I FINISHED AND HANDED IN MY BIG BANG DRAFT" post is in order!!

Bigbangers, HOW DID YOU ALL GO?

What was your final word count? (Me, I got to 33,685.)

Were you rushing like hell to get it finished (*raises hand!*), or were you super organised and had everything ready to hand in on or before the due date? Or did you have to drop out at the last minute because you realised you wouldn't be able to get it all done in time? (That was me, too, almost. I almost lost heart a few times and if it wasn't for people who encouraged me to keep going, I'd probably wouldn't have finished. I owe those people so many thanks, it's not funny.)

How many of you are ready to collapse from writing like crazy to meet the deadline?

CAN I SAY FLAIL. FLAIL. SHARE YOUR FLAIL. Are you happy with how your fic came together? Did you find your fic frustrating or easy(ish) to write? Was it a story you'd had plotting in your mind for a long while, or was it something that you came up with as you wrote? Talk about how you went; if you panicked, if you felt confident you'd finish the story, if you reached any spots where you got stuck on your story, if you scrapped entire scenes (or even entire fics??), anything!

Share your big bang journey! (I know this is just the first draft we're talking about, but that's the toughest hurdle overcome, I say!)

Edit: Aaand... seeing there's still a fair way to go before Big Bang actually goes live, how do you feel about the editing and fine-tuning ahead of you? Got a beta? Think you'll be able to edit relatively smoothly? Think maybe you'll end up tearing your hair out?


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